Robin Wilson

Professional Executive and Career Coach
Reach and Achieve started 25 years ago as a way to help people create new beginnings and help as many people as possible to honor and appreciate who they are – their strengths and weaknesses to achieve things themselves and help an organization achieve great things. In addition, I have coached managers and executives from some of the world’s great institutions helping them navigate a range of new opportunities and choices as a coach with LHH the market leader in career transition.

I have appeared on the Who’s Who list 2 years in a row, as well as Co-Authored the book, Maximize Your Mind: Peak Your Potential: 100+ Ways to Boost Your Brain And Achieve Your Goals. In addition, was awarded the Up-and-Coming Businesswoman of the year award – Rochester, NY.

“If you reach for potential you will achieve your goals.”

- Robin Wilson

My Journey

As the founder of Reach and Achieve, I have developed the necessary tools in order to ensure businesses and individuals maintain their talent and success. After focusing on what it takes to grow successful, talented leaders and executive businesses, I found that leadership is the key factor in maintaining talent. I have facilitated groups of more than 150 individuals and appeared as a guest speaker for several well known organizations including the New York State Conference of Mayors, The Governor’s Office of Employee Relations, and the New York State Society of Medical Assistants Annual Convention. It has been my passion to aid others in achieving their goals and I hope to assist you in your journey to become successful.