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Leadership Development

Is your organization.......

* Finding it hard to keep and retain key talent
* Loosing skills and knowledge with baby boomers retiring in the next 5-10 years
* In a high growth mode, struggling to find enough skills and talent to fill the gaps

Developing leaders of the future is no longer a want but a necessity.

A 2005 global study of over 300 Chief Human Resources Officers found that companies with 80% or more of managers in management development programs have approximately three times the profitability of companies with 0 - 60%. -- IBM Global Human Capital

Our Leadership Development Programs combine validated behavioral assessments, customized workshops and developmental coaching with an understanding of the skills and experiences required for success. Talent management needs are constantly in flux, requiring a customized approach and a keen awareness of the challenges and opportunities ahead. We view leadership development as an ongoing process that must be aligned with the company's strategic goals and culture.

"Leadership is who you are before it's what you do." -- John Maxwell

Reach and Achieve believes that leadership development is a process that's foundation is built on Individual Awareness and self knowledge. The power in leadership is not the position but in the ability to stand firm in who you are while acting on what's important now and for the future.

We offer a process that is designed to increase each leader's effectiveness to positively impact organizational results through customized workshops, assessments and individual and team coaching. Each phase builds on the other and can be done by itself or as a complete package. The end result is transformation of the leaders and the organization.

Phase I - Increase Trust
Phase II - Build Relationships
Phase III - Commitment
Phase IV - Shared Accountability
Phase V - Individual and Organizational Excellence

Leadership development is an investment in the heart and the spirit of the organization.

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