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Executive Search Consulting

Reach and Achieve Associates partners with Jackson Executive Resources (JER) to provide high quality Human Resource Consulting Services helping you save the time and money traditionally spent during recruitment. And, we customize every assignment to meet your specific needs.

Recruitment Process

The methodology behind our Recruitment Sourcing Process is to research the market, by contacting those people that are doing the job that you are looking to fill. We provide detailed profiles and/or resumes for those candidates that are both qualified and interested. We also have the ability to provide answers to questions regarding an individual's soft skills, not just the hard skills noted on a traditional resume. The qualified and interested candidates become your property, as does the research information. Everyone that the Recruitment Team identifies during the Process is noted in a report, including their name, telephone number, title, company name, and the result of that contact. The Process was designed to give you valuable market information and prospective candidates, both now and for the future.

Executive Search Cost

You are able to budget your Recruitment Sourcing dollars as you would budget newspaper or Internet advertisements. Once we have discussed your criterion and needs, we are able to quote you the number of hours required to do the assignment; we never exceed that number. Because we invoice the assignments when they are complete, you have the flexibility to budget the hours and dollars in advance.

The number of hours needed for an assignment may vary according to your needs and the market. Standard rates for non-Technical projects are $100 per hour. Please note that the hourly rates are inclusive of all costs; you will never be charged for faxing, phone calls, conversations with us, or taxes.

Compare with Executive Search Firms

The above chart represents what you would pay hiring 1 or multiple candidates utilizing our services at an average assignment of 60 hours and if you hired 1 candidate using an Executive Search firm, at an average rate of 20% commission. With our services you own the candidates and the research report, allowing you to make as many hires as you wish both now and in the future; you never pay any additional per hire fees.

The number of hours needed for an assignment may vary according to your needs and the market. Please keep in mind that the more time that we allocate to an assignment, the more people we will have an opportunity to speak with, and the greater the opportunity to develop additional candidates.

Sample Report

The comprehensive report provides details about everyone identified during the Recruitment Sourcing Process, not just the candidates. The report is a great resource to determine trends in the market place, what your competitors are paying, and whom else you may contact for future recruitment needs.

Successful Hires

Our Clients have had great success hiring candidates utilizing our methodology. We look forward to helping you save additional dollars in the future and partnering with you to create successful hires.