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Our Executive Coaching Model

Coaching creates change through


One of the first elements to achieving success of any kind begins with understanding yourself. Yet too often many people have blinders on when it comes to looking at themselves. Assessments help you identify and remove those blinders. Awareness is the essential ingredient for any kind of success and creates the foundation for coaching.

You are making choices all the time, many of them unconscious or reactions rather then conscious decisions or choices. Conscious choices become a reflection of our vision and values. Gaining new awareness by itself does not create lasting change; change only occurs when you decide to put into action what you have learned. This means understanding what creates the greatest leverage, what is most important and what motivates you to act. Coaching helps you to make those important choices that will make a difference and create right action.

Right Action
Just as you are making choices all the time, you are also busy much of the time. The question becomes: are your actions leading you to what is most important? Are they leading you to fulfill your goals or are you just acting in an effort to get things done? It is only through really understanding yourself that your actions be fully effective.

Right action involves acting on what matters most -- what has the greatest leverage at that moment. Right action involves a strong sense of self, the confidence to move forward and create the kind of results that are needed. Right action involves knowing what will create those results and then making them happen.